About Us

Our company works at the international market more than 5 years. During this time we selected the best producers of gifts and Souvenirs of Russia. We offer our customers the best quality products and warranty.

Our clients are people from different corners of the planet, we are sincerely glad when our goods are a gift for Your relatives or just for you.

We are always glad to see You as a guest in our country and are ready to welcome you warmly in our stores in St. Petersburg

We very grateful to our partners for their support in business development, without which it would be impossible to implement our project.

The head of our project is worthy of all gratitude for being a real support, protector and support to our project and us.

We want to thank my employees for their positive attitude and activity, for optimism and hope, for their imagination and creativity, for the constant desire to develop and push everyone forward to the goal.