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Skewers gift set "Bear"

The gift set of skewers "Bear" is a great solution when choosing a gift for people who really appre..


Skewers gift set "Boar"

The gift set of skewers "Boar" is a wonderful gift for true lovers of cooking on an open fire. Perf..


Skewers gift set "Different animals"

The gift set of skewers "Different Animals" is a great gift for true connoisseurs of cooking on an ..


Skewers gift set "Premium"

The premium gift set of skewers is an excellent gift for people who appreciate elegance and beauty ..


Skewers gift set "Ram"

The gift set of skewers "Baran" is a great way to surprise the connoisseur of cooking on the grill,..


Skewers set "Animals" on 12 persons New

Skewers set "Animals" on 12 persons

Buy a barbecue set - your best and right choice, because such a stylish accessory for roasting meat..


Skewers set "Animals" on 8 persons New

Skewers set "Animals" on 8 persons

Any set of skewers from our catalog is located in a beautiful handmade leather case and combines be..


Skewers set "Bear № 2" on 6 persons

You do not know how to surprise your manager and leave worthy memories about yourself? Various busi..


Skewers set "Bear № 3"

A skewer in a leather case will be a particularly valuable gift for a hunter or fisherman, a summer..


Skewers set "Bear № 4"

We wondered how to choose a good gift for a male chef for a birthday or anniversary? A real cook is..


Skewers set "Bear № 5"

From our online store you will not leave empty-handed, because the prices we have are affordable, a..


Skewers set "Bear" 1

What do you need to make a delicious kebab? Most people will answer that they need good meat. But i..


Skewers set "Bear" 2

A set of skewers in a handmade case made of genuine leather, decorated with pyrography on hunting t..


Skewers set "Bear" on 6 persons

In front of you is a skewer equipped with six stainless steel skewers with brass handles made by th..


Skewers set "Beasts № 1"

If a man likes to enjoy outdoor recreation with preparing a tasty kebab - present him a set of skew..


Skewers set "Beasts № 4"

We suggest you buy a set for barbecue gift "Beasts 4" in our online store. It has everything you ne..


Skewers set "Beasts № 5" New

Skewers set "Beasts № 5"

We suggest you purchase exclusive barbecue accessories on this site. The best designers worked on t..


Skewers set "Beasts" 2

Do you enjoy relaxing in comfort and luxury? Do you like to grill kebabs on high-quality beautiful ..


Skewers set "Beasts" 3 New

Skewers set "Beasts" 3

Kebab - everyone's favorite and, indeed, tasty dish - it is impossible to cook without skewers..


Skewers set "Boar № 1"

Do you want to buy a VIP gift for a male leader who will demonstrate your exquisite taste and pleas..


Skewers sets