Backgammon "Crown Elite" Walnut

Backgammon "Crown Elite" Walnut

Crowned persons occasionally make impression of choosy and exacting people. It the comfort, quality, prestige is important. Backgammon the Crown of elite meet all these requirements. Their quality is confirmed with use of materials from valuable breeds of tree: Peruvian nut, lemon tree, wenge and to the sapela, padduk and Para nut. Silky - matt lacquer creates feeling of comfort. The drawing executed in the equipment of marquetry and cubes from material aramite underline refinement and prestige of set.

Body - the Peruvian nut, silky matt lacquer, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - Para nut, lemon tree, wenge, to the sapela
Game field inside - paduk, lemon tree, Para nut, wenge
Checkers light - ash-tree, dark - ash-tree tinted, are glued zamshy.
Cubes - obsidian
Length of 54 cm in folded form width of 24 cm
In the opened look length of 54 cm width of 48 cm
Checkers with a handmade diameter of 27 mm of 30 pieces
Cubes side of 12 mm 2 pieces

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