Backgammon "Elite Crown" Mahogany

Backgammon "Elite Crown" Mahogany

Classical game Backgammon which design has been a little changed by specialists of workshop that has made them more ergonomic and convenient. Ornament Corona - one of very first and. one of the most successful decisions in ornaments for gift sledge. The vostochy ornament taken as basis has been processed by the designer Sergey Voytsekhovich into the stylized crown in which lines echoes not only the ancient East, but also the European baroque of times of revival are guessed.
All Backgammon marked - elite - are made on unique corporate technology where technology of incrustation and design of assemblage are combined without any external visible nodes. Such equipment allows to feel not only integrity integrity of product, but also to guarantee durability of use.

Size of sledge in folded form 52.5 / 25 cm weight is 2.5 kg.,

Framework array of the African mahogany

Drawing on front part and the internal field of sledge - manual mosaic from valuable breeds of tree in the equipment of marquetry, the main background of the internal field mahogany to sapela.

Checkers beech of 30 pieces, cubes of plastics of 2 pieces

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