Backgammon "Pyramid" (Custom Manufacturing)

Backgammon "Pyramid" (Custom Manufacturing)

Egyptian pyramids were created for praise of greatness and power of the owner. There is opinion that the pyramid possesses power source which during lifetime of Pharaohs gave them strength. We have created perfect set of author's sledge "Pyramid" that you had opportunity to present original gift to the special person. To the one who it is similar to the Pharaoh is figure, significant for you, to the person with high potential and inexhaustible vital energy. We used in basis rare grade of mahagony - "Pyramid" from the equatorial Africa, royalny varnish and stone obsidian for production of playing cubes.

Body - mahogany, royalny varnish, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - mahogany pyramid
Locks - secret magnets
Field inside - mahogany, nut, lemon tree
Handmade case from array of tinted ash-tree, soft lodgment
Checkers light - the Colchis box, dark - mahogany, are glued by suede
Cubes - obsidian
Length of 60 cm in folded form width of 30 cm
In the opened look length of 60 cm width of 60 cm
Checkers with a handmade diameter of 30 mm, 30 pieces
Cubes side of 11 mm 2 pieces

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