Checkers "Aurora"

Checkers "Aurora"

Checkers - world famous game about which first upomninaniye meet at the time of Ancient Egypt. Game is dynamic, requiring fast reaction and attention, leaving no chance for the rival who does not have these qualities.

Checkers "Aurora" is our vision of how gift checkers of premium class have to look. The board of game set is executed from the mahogany array makor growing in Africa, and checkers, in turn, are executed from the Colchis box which also call "iron tree", for its improbable hardness and durability.

Checkers light - the Colchis box, matt lacquer
Checkers dark - makor with toning, matt lacquer
All bases are glued by velvet

Checkerboard field - matt lacquer
Cage light - maple
Cage dark - makor
Letters - maple
Body - array of the African tree makor
Inside is upholstered with velvet, with soft lodgment under checkers

Box of handmade natural linen.

Checker - height is 1.5 cm, diameter of 3.5 cm
Board - length is 40 cm width there are 20 cm height there are 6 cm cage of 4.5пїЅ4.5 cm

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