Chess "Art Deco"

Chess "Art Deco"

Staunton - the reference chess style recognized around the world. This style developed by the London artist Nathanael Cook and received the name in honor of the English chess player and the chess historian Howard Staunton became prototype of huge number of the modern chess which is considered turnirnirny or as classical.

Staunton figures
Figures light - maple, color, varnish
Figures dark - maple, color, varnish
All with weighting, the bases are glued zamshy.

Chess field - color, varnish
Body - array ash-tree, color
Cover opens and kept in vertical position by loops with the limiter, in cell for each figure, legs of board are glued zamshy.

Box of handmade fabric

King - height of 10 cm
Pawn - height of 5 cm
Board - width is 46 cm height there are 6 cm cage of 5 cm

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