Chess "Barleycorn" Dark Board

Chess "Barleycorn" Dark Board

Barleykorn - the English chess style of the middle of the 18th century. Chess of this model were often got as a gift to business partners and friends. Similar Chess in red-white hectare mma have been presented to the American president Thomas Jefferson in 1785-1789.

King has high headdress. They reach in height of 12.5 cm and have the abstract form. The circular pattern used for external decoration of figures reminds barleycorns. From here the name of series - Barleykorn.

Elephant, the king, queen and pawns has jewelry reminding corrugated collars popular at that time. Figures are clear even to beginners.

Each figure is located on small roundish pedestal of individual form. In supports of figures there are weightings. The bottom is glued by velvet for softer sliding on board.

Large sizes add to play of ponderability, and set - presentability. It is one of the reasons for which Chess barleykorn have quickly won popularity in Europe.

Chessboard form author's: graceful, and at the same time massive. Upper cover - removable. Inside there are figures in soft velvet lodgment with individual cells.

Below on photo the international grand master Mark Evgenyevich Taymanov shows debut of the Spanish party to young businessmen

Will harmoniously fit practically into any classical interior, decorating it and giving special charm

Figures Barleykorn
Figures light - maple, matt lacquer
Figures dark - mahogany, matt lacquer
All with weighting, the bases are glued zamshy.

Chess field - matt lacquer
Cage light - maple
Cage dark - to the sapela
Body - array ash-tree tinted
Board design with detachable upper cover, in the lower part of board cells for each figure are made, legs are glued by fabric.

Box of handmade natural linen.

King - height is 12.5 cm diameter of support of 3.5 cm
Pawn - height is 5.4 cm diameter of support of 3.2 cm
Board - width is 45 cm height there are 7 cm cage of 4 cm

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