Chess "Selenius" Aristocrat

Chess "Selenius" Aristocrat

Having arisen at the time of late Gothic and origin of baroque, figures have incorporated the tendency inherent to Gothic style up emphasized with openwork ornament - and the dynamism, combination of reality and illusion, flowability of irregular curvilinear shapes characteristic of baroque. "Upper part of figures the symbolical skeleton in which image all-powerful death laughs at chess game crowns", - so contemporaries described Chess Seleniusa. It is favourite plot of the Middle Ages: on board kings and pawns, and before death - all are equal!

"Selenius" cut from tree and bone, cast from silver and gold, and the famous Venetian virtuosos even blew wine glasses from glass. Over the years the form of figures underwent minor changes. So, in the 18th century graceful sockets sometimes turned heavier - this option Germans called "carrion crows nest"...

In the Museum of chess of Russia two "Seleniusa", both from ivory are exposed. One, created in Germany at the end of the 18th century, - with figures of white and red color (the tradition existing almost till the 19th century). The king is decorated with two sockets, the queen - one, and the top is topped with ominous skeletika. Another is made in Denmark at the beginning of the last century. The royal couple is decorated here too by openwork sockets, and horses - with swan bend of neck are very expressive. Figures already traditional - white and black, and abstract elephants and boats white are decorated with black "hats", and similar figures of black - white.

Selenius figures
Figures light - the Colchis box,
Figures dark - bubing
All with weighting, the bases are glued by suede.

Chess field - royalny varnish (polyether)
Cage light - birch ardent
Cage dark - mahogany
Body - array of the African mahogany with carved inserts from lemon tree
Sliding trays with soft lodgment and cells for each figure, open pressing, legs are glued by suede.

Is executed manually from tinted ash-tree and mahogany, matt lacquer, the cover opens and keeps in vertical position, soft lodgment inside.

King - height is 13 cm diameter of support of 3.5 cm
Pawn - height is 6.5 cm diameter of support of 3 cm
Board - width is 60 cm height there are 14 cm cage of 5 cm
Case - width is 68 cm thickness there are 16 cm

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