Chess "Staunton" Luxury (Macassar / Boxwood), Limited Edition

New Chess "Staunton" Luxury (Macassar / Boxwood), Limited Edition

In our world there are things which rarity cannot be called in question. Such chess set of Chess steel Staunton Lyuks executed from the most rare tree - makassarsky Eben or in abbreviated form Makassar. Surprising beauty tree Makassar, grows only in one place in the world - on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Feature, also that because of the rarity and value, wood of Makassar is prohibited to export from the territory of the island. It is sold only occasionally, during the periods of sanitary cuttings, and very small parties - it allows us with to claim that earlier nobody ever created similar chess, but it is indifferent for our little heroes - the main thing, of course - victory!

History of chess design of Staunton returns back us for two centuries in 1851 when in the run-up to the First International tournament on chess in London, there was need for universal chess clear to players from around the world. The design of chessmen belongs to the gifted London artist Nathanael Cook, but the name Staunton Chess is born in honor of the famous chess master, the historian and the grand master Howard Staunton. Noble figures so were pleasant to it that he has allowed to put the facsimile on boxes with figures. Interesting fact: as prototype of "stauntonovsky" horse with cut on antique manners mane one of the horses represented on the frieze of Parthenon which is stored in the British museum - the Ancient Greek temple decorated with famous Pheidias in the 5th century BC
And now, has served centuries later, we want to please judges of chess art with set in which there lives the severe spirit of leaders, natural makasarsky Eben's age-mates.

Section of chess Staunton

Figures Staunton
Figures light - the Colchis box, glossy varnish
Figures dark - Makassar, glossy varnish
All with weighting, the bases are glued zamshy.

Chess field - royalny varnish (polyether)
Cage light - the Karelian birch
Cage dark - nut root
Letters - maple bird's eye
Body - array Makassar
Soft deep lodgment from velvet with cells for each figure, the cover opens and kept in vertical position by loops with the limiter, legs are glued zamshy.

Is made manually of mahogany, matt lacquer, the cover opens and keeps in vertical position, soft lodgment inside.

King - height is 11.5 cm diameter of support of 5 cm
Pawn - height is 5.5 cm diameter of support of 3 cm
Board - width is 51 cm height there are 11 cm cage of 5.5 cm
Case - width is 60 cm thickness there are 14 cm

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