Chess "Staunton" Mammoth Tusk

Chess "Staunton" Mammoth Tusk

History of chess of Staunton returns back us for two centuries when in the run-up to the First International tournament in London, in 1851, there was need for the figures clear to players of the whole world. To the middle of the 19th century practically each European or east country organizing chess competitions had the option of figures: Calvert, "Regance", Kashmir, "Selenius", St. John's, etc.

Design from now on of universal chess of Staunton has developed and the English artist Nathanael Cook in 1849 has registered. The name to figures was presented by the famous chess player, the historian and the grand master Howard Staunton. As prototype of "stauntonovsky" horse with cut on antique manners mane one of the horses represented on the frieze of Parthenon which is stored in the British museum - the Ancient Greek temple decorated with famous Pheidias in the 5th century BC has served

Chessmen, material

Light - mammoth tusk, dark - the Colchis box, toning

Height of figure and diameter of support of mm.

King 100/42 Pawn 50/30


Sizes of 480/480/90 mm, cage of 50 mm., legs are glued by fabric, locks open button shift to the left or to the right from the center, framework - array of wenge, cage dark - wenge, cage light - maple sycamore, figures and letters from maple bird's eye, inside soft lodgment with cell for each figure, covering of the chess field royalny varnish.

Handmade case.

Board weight with figures of 8 kg., with case of 12 kg.

Production to order.

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