Chess "Steampunk"

Chess "Steampunk"

Chess the Knight stimpank are made in the single copy, absolutely unique set. The idea to connect time of knights of crusades, modern arms and unique style of fantasy has found the harmonious embodiment in this set.

Look at the king - the sleeve of the boss of the 12th caliber with pro-carved Maltese cross is topped with crown from gear of chess clock of Soviet period. In the middle of sleeve engraving with the characteristic drawing - buckles of belt of the soldier of the crusader of the 12th century.

Queen is made also of sleeve of the 12th caliber with engraving of traditional cross.

Have applied sleeve of the boss of the 20th caliber to horse, having arranged element of gear of hours in such a way that in figure the fighting horse is unmistakably looked through.

Elephant is made of sleeve of the 16th caliber, and the boat with loopholes from the 28th caliber.

In this set any fan of popular fantastic style will see at once and will estimate the exclusive embodiment of the idea not only in figures, but also in the board, its configuration and workmanship.
In all figures in sleeve lead for weighting of the basis of sleeve is filled in that does them steadier on board and notable at game. As result of all work - beautiful, unusual and exclusive set of chess, unique and absolutely unique.
Below you will see what any idea begins with:

We chose not torlko sleeves of specific calibers, but also certain types of gears from the chess clock of the Soviet era

Figures - author's design in Stimpank style
Figures light - brass (sleeve of different caliber)
Figures dark - brass coppering (sleeve of different caliber)
All with weighting, in the bases the boss's cap.

Chess field - incrustation by lemon tree and wenge (marquetry)
Cage light - to moving (lemon tree)
Cage dark - wenge
Body - the array of tinted ash-tree, internal lozhemnt baking plate the field which is moving apart on two parts.

Handwork from naturalgy flax.

King - height of 11 cm
Pawn - height of 4.6 cm
Board - width is 45 cm height there are 8 cm cage of 4 cm

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