Chess "Yacht" (Mini, Magnetic)

New Chess "Yacht" (Mini, Magnetic)

Chess "Yacht" is unique set. The reduced option of chess of figures in accuracy repeating forms of original Staunton. Chess Staunton is the reference chess style recognized both by players, and collectors of chess around the world. The developed by the London artist Nathanael Cook, chess style Staunton who has received the name in honor of the English chess historian and, the strongest at that time, the player - Howard Staunton, became prototype of huge number of the modern chess sets which are considered as tournament or classical.

Chess "Yacht" are supplied with the magnets balanced on attraction force which are built in in the chess field on the unique technology developed by masters of KADUN. Therefore, even strong rolling or jolting, will not be able to shift figure from board, thereby having involuntarily disturbed party. Chess "Yacht" - excellent gift to the yachtsman, and fine business gift for those who often fly or like to spend time in flight for some economic forum behind party of game of kings.

Figures Staunton
Figures light - the Colchis box, matt lacquer
Figures dark - the Colchis box with toning, matt lacquer
All with weighting, the bases are glued by velvet

Chess field - matt lacquer
Cage light - lemon tree
Cage dark - wenge
Letters - maple
Body - array of the African tree of wenge
Inside is pasted over with velvet, opens to the full-fledged chess field. The special technology of placement of magnets in the game field, does not allow figures to be magnetized among themselves.

Box of handmade natural linen.

King - height is 5.5 cm diameter of support of 2.4 cm
Pawn - height is 3 cm diameter of support of 2 cm
Board - length is 27 cm width there are 13.5 cm height there are 5 cm cage of 3пїЅ3 cm

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