Boots for blowing the samovar

Boots for blowing the samovar

It has long been in Russia for kindling braziers samovar used boots. Of course, now there are other devices such as a hair dryer to blow. Yet the desire to experience the fullness of ancient, original traditions make a choice in favor of his boot.

Boots for blowing the samovar sewed during the Soviet era of high-quality leather that can withstand high temperatures and be crushed in an accordion and then straightened. Calf boots at the time was the traditional officer's shoes, which enjoyed great popularity. In addition, these shoes was considered deficient, and was available only to high-ranking officers.

The boot is well preserved thanks to the quality of domestic production-oriented voentorg, despite many years been stored in warehouses. On the contrary, the accessory has acquired value as a cult and rare attribute. Therefore, blowing the heat so the boot, you can be sure that the whole diversity of traditions of Russian tea drinking to fully create the situation the time of our ancestors.


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