Tea pair "Golden duet"

Tea pair "Golden duet"

In Russia, drinking tea from a saucer was most prevalent among the merchants. After all the water in the samovar it cool down for a long time, and tea cups overflowed piping hot. As a result, a small circle enjoyed saucer. It poured a few mouthfuls, which instantly cools, thus you can immediately enjoy fragrant tea beverage.

Here is the chic set of tea pair "Golden Duo", which will decorate the Russian tea ceremony and a perfect gift admirers of Russian traditions.

A small cup with a beautiful wide handle and a deep saucer gold color feast for the eyes shiny surface. Tea made in the famous accessories dulyovo porcelain works equipped with a modern European vacuum equipment, for which the product is coated with a thin layer coating under "gold" of titanium nitride. Porcelain coating improves strength and maintains the original appearance for a long time, making the product a great addition "gold" handsome brass samovar.

Size12 x 8 cm
Volume0.22 liter

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