Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 2.5 liters "Practical" set in "Present"

Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 2.5 liters "Practical" set in "Present"

The charm of samovar tea not only to plunge into the ancient traditions. Handsome samovar is able to attract the attention of even the supporters neomodernistskih views. And many fans of glass and plastic are not averse to decorate the kitchen interior samovar. I found a new niche not crafty native Russian attribute and extreme tourism. Ski marathon in the winter woods will bring a lot more fun, if in the final general award will now samovar tea. Whether or not to run in the cold for a cup of hot tea? Yes certainly worth it! See for yourself. And let it not be a marathon, a short walk to the ski team of close friends, bring a samovar.


Zharova samovar with wood "practical" capacity of 2.5 L has a small size and easily fit into a backpack. Gorgeous appearance matches the quality of the product. Brass housing tinned food tin inside with the addition of silver, skillful execution, carried to its perfection of form, will delight you with patches of sunlight. Waiting, filled with mysterious anticipation, will not last long, the samovar is boiling fast enough. Pleasant fatigue, light woods scent mixed with the smoke and the first sip of hot tea, will be the most memorable moments of life. We recommend a healthy lifestyle with a Samovar "Practical».

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Boiling time7 - 10 minutes
Size37 x 26 cm
Tube diameter50 mm
Volume2.5 liter

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