Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 5 liters "Classic"

Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 5 liters "Classic"

Presented classical model samovar will be a great addition attributes Russian bathhouse. Brass "doctor" will prepare you for a cup of tea of healing, which, together with Russian steam bathhouse expel any colds. Invite your friends to the cottage a frosty winter day, melt the bathhouse and pleasantly surprised at Kras oak table luxurious Tula samovar "Classic". A day spent with family and friends, rightly become one of the best in life.


The ordinary daily cup of tea lacks the most important thing in this Russian tea party - the special atmosphere of the ritual. After melt samovar in the high-rise building, and even more so to do it every morning is quite problematic. Another thing is to treat the process with trepidation, to invest in the preparation of tea per capita. The very kindling of samovars and tea technology has many options and features. But the main secret of Russian tea is quite different. Brewing tea in Russian - is primarily a meditation, when all the problems are still far away. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in your own world, harmony, rethink and evaluate what's really important to learn to love and respect the traditions of our ancestors.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Boiling time15 - 20 minutes
Size45 x 30 cm
Tube diameter65 mm
Volume5 liter

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