Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 5 liters "Pigtail" in the set "Gift"

Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 5 liters "Pigtail" in the set "Gift"

Samovar - racy subject of Russian life and an integral part of the life of the Russian people. Handsome samovar appeared in popular proverbs, sayings, songs, and is mentioned in the works of prominent writers and artists.


We offer you a samovar flame wood burning 5 liters of "pigtail" in the set "Gift." Very attractive, rich set consisting of samovar and accessories, can be presented as an original gift. The process of kindling permeated Russian history and traditions, will be an exciting ritual. As a result of pleasant efforts will pay off with tea and delicate aroma of natural smoke and rich flavor of nature itself.


The walls of the five-liter samovar elegant trapezoidal raschekaneny beautifully sculptured columns and ovals. Externally, the model is polished, and from the inside by means of an electrochemical method a coating of tin and silver. Samovar fed on a round, decorated tray, and accompany it tea maker, sugar and flue pipe. All objects created in the same style and color with gold shiny luster. Set "Gift" any tea party turn into a bright family celebration.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Boiling time15 - 20 minutes
Size50 x 30 cm
Tube diameter65 mm
Volume5 liter

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