Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 7 liters "Classic" in the set "Gift"

Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 7 liters "Classic" in the set "Gift"

The variety of works of Russian art is not inferior to any state of the world. The country is rich in talents, master craftsmen and skilled craftsmen continues to build creativity. At that time, when complex processes are executed with precision robots, human hands are not simply continue to create miracles, but also create masterpieces that are not inferior to modern technology. Tula craftsmen, learn from the experience and knowledge of their forefathers to defend the dignity of the prestigious status as a city of Tula craftsmen. In their skillful hands are born traditional Russian samovars, one of which we are glad to present to your attention.


Samovar flame on the wood "classic" of 7 liters is designed to please the true admirers of Russian traditions. For those looking for new sensations overflowing brilliant handsome become a matter of pride. With a little work, to kindle the samovar, and your reward will be a cup of tea in the company of loved ones. Samovar has the ability to create special mental space where there is peace, kindness, harmony, and the warmest feelings. The kit also includes a sugar bowl and teapot from the famous porcelain tableware, as well as a tray and flue pipe.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Boiling time20 - 25 minutes
Size50 x 35 cm
Tube diameter65 mm
Volume7 liter

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