Samovar electric 3 liters "Bank" (auto power off button)

Samovar electric 3 liters "Bank" (auto power off button)

How wonderful to get together with friends jolly company and giving pleasant memories, carry on an interesting conversation over a cup of tea. Such gatherings have long been the favorite activities of the Russian people. And people of different classes have always held a tea party in a company with a samovar despite the fact that this unit is sometimes worth more cows. By samovar treated very carefully and respectfully, carefully polished to shine between tea and proudly handed down from generation to generation. Let's revive this beautiful, ancient Russian tradition, especially as samovars with the advent of modern technologies to modernize and improve.


Electric samovar 3L "Bank" created on the Tula factory safe from high quality brass. Samovar is a beautiful decorative coating for gold, so take the most prominent place in the city and a kitchen on the terrace of a country house. Tinned food tin inside with silver model retains the excellent taste of water. Elektrosamovar "Bank" due to the built-in element quickly enough to boil 3 liters of water and drink tea Large group.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Auto power offYes
Boiling time8 - 10 minutes
Size36 x 24 cm
Volume3 liter
Wattage1 kW

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