Samovar electric 3 liters "Cone" copperplated (auto power off button)

Samovar electric 3 liters "Cone" copperplated (auto power off button)

Since ancient times in Russia was held in high esteem brass. We are doing the dishes and various ornaments of a durable and wear-resistant metal. Russian travelers on the road always taken Brass talisman, as a rule, pectoral cross and the compass in a beautiful case or the original frame of brass, because metal has a special property completely magnetized. And where in Russia has not traveled wanderer, always, even stranger guest from the road greeted warmly and cordially. The hosts put on the table, and in the center appeared a handsome brass samovar.


In keeping with the times, the modern masters of Tula samovar factory introduce various improvements in the model. But in spite of, the emergence of electric samovars, the foundation is made of high quality brass.


Since electric samovar 3L "cone" manufactured copperplated in a conventional form with a "herringbone" thread. Externally copperplated brass body and lacquered, so it will be a bright and shiny for a long time. Inside - tin coating with the addition of silver. Power of 1 kW.


Brass Tula samovar - a symbol of Russian life, beneficial to refresh the modern interior and will bring the house good luck, harmony and well-being.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Auto power offYes
Boiling time8 - 10 minutes
Size37 x 26 cm
Volume3 liter
Wattage1 kW

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