Samovar electric 3 liters "Cone" nickel (auto power off button)

Samovar electric 3 liters "Cone" nickel (auto power off button)

The wonderful properties of metals were studied by humans for centuries. For example, "yellow copper" - the ancient name of brass since ancient times was used to make a variety of dishes and jewelry. Brass products for decades can not lose the original form. But this metal is conquered not only by its extraordinary durability. Due to the special combination of a power of Venus and Mercury, brass is able to bring harmony in relationships between people.


It is not surprising that traditional Russian symbol unity, friendliness and cordiality, skilled Tula craftsmen used is brass. Current models, such as an electric samovar 3L "cone" nickel, despite the improvements are also made of brass.


The outer side samovar nickel-plated, and further coated with a durable paint. Inside the unit edible coating of tin with silver - absolutely safe and wear-resistant. Hot water heating is carried out by a tubular electric heater optimal capacity of 1 kW.


The original an original brass samovar will decorate the modern home, making it a harmonious atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Auto power offYes
Boiling time8 - 10 minutes
Size37 x 26 cm
Volume3 liter
Wattage1 kW

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