Samovar electric 3 liters "Tula" nickel (auto power off button)

Samovar electric 3 liters "Tula" nickel (auto power off button)

Well, that life in the rapid pace going forward, surprising the inhabitants of innovation and a lot of new opportunities. But to renounce their native traditions, customs definitely not necessary, and in most cases referring to their roots can learn a lot of important and useful.


A few centuries ago in Russia is practically the only means of treatment for the disease is the medicinal teas. The legacy we got a lot of different recipes collection of medicinal herbs, which are showing a surprising way the miraculous properties.


Spend a weekend in the country, where in the vast Russian fields can gather fragrant herbal bouquets. A brew tea using a samovar, the more so as the current models encouraging high quality and functionality.  Electric samovar 3L "Tula" nickel brew tea which surprise unusual taste and medicinal properties.


The unit is made of high-quality cold-formed brass. The inner surface coated with a special tin and silver. Externally nickel handsome created in traditional form with beautiful chiseled faces and sculpted handles. Tula samovar will adorn any home and a source of a harmonious atmosphere and longevity.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Auto power offYes
Boiling time8 - 10 minutes
Size36 x 28 cm
Volume3 liter
Wattage1 kW

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