Chess & Backgammon Kadun™

Masters cabinetmakers Studio-workshop KADUN for more than a quarter of a century creates chess masterpieces for connoisseurs of unique sets. Every set of chess or backgammon here is done with time-honed professionalism. Everything - from the initial sketch, wood cutting, processing of mammoth tusks, to the final polishing and finishing of the product - is created by the masters of the Studio, the analogues of which are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Now KADUN chess authentic - a recognized brand in the field of chess and backgammon premium.

The factory working since founding in may 1989 to the present time. We work only with the best materials. Rare exotic species of wood are carefully selected for each product – because they are brought from all over the world: African wenge, Colchis boxwood, Karelian birch, ebony, roots of amboine, thuja or camphor, Ceylon Makassar, mammoth Tusk and many others. The whimsical nature of some valuable species of trees dictates a special attitude and requires special care and caution in manual processing, but it is such chess that later become truly special gifts, unique in their essence and execution.

Russian Samovars Plastmet™

From the first days of its formation to the present day, the production company PlastMet LLC, through a modern fleet of high-tech equipment, fulfills huge volumes of orders and prioritises the principle: "we do everything and even more", aimed at maximum satisfaction of customers' demands.

The company "PlastMet" LLC is a modern Tula samovar plant that has honorfully accepted the greatest heritage of the Tula masters, producing the highest quality products that meets all the requirements for modern home appliances.

You acquire high quality products that have been carefully controlled at every stage of production: from harvesting to the end product, created with the use of high-tech equipment and modern technologies

Products (samovars, teapots, sugar bowls, trays) have all the necessary documents confirming high quality, reliability and safety

Buying goods from the official dealer of "Plastmet LLC", the status of which is officially confirmed by the relevant documents, there is no risk of purchasing low-quality products and counterfeit products

Making a purchase in our company store, you are guaranteed to get a genuine original Tula samovar at a retail price recommended by the manufacturer

Home décor Bogacho™

Founded company in 1994, throughout its activities it relies on modern technology and creative innovative solutions.

The high quality of BOGACHO products is determined primarily by the technological features of the production process, which is based on 80% of manual labor, which makes it more important and valuable for the consumer.

Internal control of raw materials and intermediate expertise provide decent quality products, so luxury furniture and Souvenirs meet safety requirements and regulatory and technical documents.

Barbecue and picnic, Glassware & Drinkware, Leather gifts Makey™

The company is a manufacturer of author's products since 1990.

The company's mission - in the age of high-tech gadgets and other fancy pieces to return people's interest in handmade products, to make sure that holding ordinary things felt a piece of the soul of the master who made this product.

We do not use automated machines, all products from beginning to end are made by hands of masters.

It is difficult to find a decent and interesting gift for a colleague, company Manager or entrepreneur. Therefore, our favorite activity is to create beautiful things for holidays and memorable events.