Combined Samovars from Russia

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Samovar combined (electric or coal, charcoal, firewood) 4.5 liters "Ball"

Combined samovar ball-shaped volume of 4.5 liters. All elements are made of nickel-plated brass sta..


Combined Samovars from Russia

Can’t choose between wood or electric samovar? Depending on the model, water is heated from electricity or using wood (coal). The first option is convenient for apartments, the second - for cottage or picnic use.

Sure, it is more convenient to use electric samovar, however, if you have free time, it is worth trying to boil tea in traditional way. Yeah, it's a bit troublesome, but you might find it very interesting. Gather the whole family, or call your friends and kindle the samovar with coal, adding birch cones and bark. It will then puff and spread a pleasant fragrance. Well, tea from a combined samovar, kindled in traditional way, is always tastier.

Assortment and quality offers to buy functional combined samovars from 4.5 to 7 liters. Such capacity allows boiling water for a big company. In our web-store you can buy combined samovars of different designs and shapes. There are both nickel-plated and painted models. Among the presented forms - a bank and a vase. Samovars with paintings are decorated with traditional Russian patterns. With a combined samovar you can enjoy tea drinking for a long time, as additional heating will not be required soon. Brass, from which our samovars are made, perfectly preserves heat.

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