Backgammon "Author's Luxury" Wenge

Backgammon "Author's Luxury" Wenge

Effective appearance, the big tournament size is 60 cm, elite breeds black and mahogany, beautiful gift case - all this in one set of author's sledge from wenge.

Body - the African wenge, royalny varnish, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - the African wenge, paduk, lemon tree, mahogany
Finishing - royalny varnish
Locks - secret magnets
Field inside - the African wenge, paduk, lemon tree
Handmade case from array of tinted ash-tree, soft lodgment
Checkers light - the Colchis box, dark - mahogany, are glued by suede
Cubes - obsidian
Length of 60 cm in folded form width of 30 cm
In the opened look length of 60 cm width of 60 cm
Checkers with a handmade diameter of 28 mm, 30 pieces
Cubes side of 11 mm 2 pieces

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  • Brand: Kadun
  • Product Code: RA-KD-002
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,682.72