Backgammon "Bullfighting"

Backgammon "Bullfighting"

Bullfight - art of the deadly dance painted by expression and passion. Opposition of the toreador and bull - the sport demanding instant reaction and ability look to express the superiority over the opponent.

Backgammon the Bullfight are executed in the equipment of marquetry from valuable breeds of tree: nut, wenge, mahogany, field oak. With them game is filled with emotions, adrenaline, and the unusual design of set expresses passion of the players who have got used to take the leading positions.

Body - field oak tinted, silky matt lacquer, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - mahogany, field oak, wenge, nut
Field inside - mahogany, oak, nut
Checkers light - beech, dark - beech tinted, are glued by fabric.
Cubes - plastic

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