Backgammon "Fantasy" Dark Board

Backgammon "Fantasy" Dark Board

Classical set of sledge for gift and game, is completely executed from valuable breeds of tree, in midfield - the eight-pointed star known also under the name Wind rose, the companion of travelers and romantic natures. Dark arrows - the African wenge, red-orange - paduk, background from mahogany to sapela. Light thin strip - maple, dark wenge. Outside rhombus - oak.
In this set everything is made for convenient use of sledge during the competition, it not only the field geometry checked in fights, thickness of fillets, and the size of counters, but even holes, or billiard pockets where "are pressed" during the game wooden checkers, are precisely made on diameter of checkers. In the right bottom corner you will be able always to see our logo confirming originality of product.

As for the materials used in incrustations of the game field, background - African to sapela, thin strips of arrows - wenge, and orange-red inserts - paduk.

Ability to show imagination and to win the hearts, to accept non-standard decisions in life and business, to follow the innovation approaches, to be creative and to pass for the uncommon personality, always to take the leading positions. It about you? And there can be you want to thank for similar qualities the colleague, the friend, the partner? Then I advise to buy Backgammon "Fantasy". At production of sledge of the master of KADUN have shown professionalism and creativity. On wood of field oak, mahogany, maple, nut and beech have executed the drawing in the equipment of marquetry and have carefully covered the product body silky - matt lacquer.

Handwork, the body field oak tinted, silky matt lacquer, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - mahogany, maple, oak, nut
Field inside - oak, mahogany, wenge
Checkers light - beech, dark - beech tinted, are glued by fabric.
Cubes - plastic
Length of 54 cm in folded form width of 24 cm
In the opened look length of 54 cm width of 48 cm
Checkers with a handmade diameter of 30 mm of 30 pieces
Cubes side of 11 mm 2 pieces

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