Backgammon "Northern Palmyra" Karelian Birch

Backgammon "Northern Palmyra" Karelian Birch

To give gift - task not from simple. There is a wish gift with sense, history and, by all means, for exclusive work. Backgammon "St. Petersburg" meet all above-mentioned requirements.

History from the past has inspired us on creation of magnificent set for game in Backgammon. The queen of Palmyra bore name Zenobia Septimiya. It was the woman of unusual beauty, mind and greatness having amazing courage and ambition. During the reign she has managed to conquer Egypt, part of Asia Minor and Syria. The important historic fact is that it could resist to Rome. If in those days citizens chose gift to the chief, then, undoubtedly, their choice would fall on Backgammon "St. Petersburg".

Karelian birch with the drawing, unique on beauty, royalny varnish, checkers on suede basis and cubes from stone obsidan - not the full list of advantages of game set. Backgammon St. Petersburg - gift worthy the imperial person.

Body - the Karelian birch, the drawing in the equipment of marquetry (mosaic)
Face - the Karelian birch
Finishing - royalny varnish
Field inside - the Karelian birch, bibolo, nut
Checkers light - the Colchis box, dark - mahogany, are glued by velvet.
Cubes - obsidian
Length of 54 cm in folded form width of 24 cm
In the opened look length of 54 cm width of 48 cm
Checkers with a handmade diameter of 28 mm of 30 pieces
Cubes side of 8 mm 2 pieces

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