Chess "Ballet"

Chess "Ballet"

Chess Ballet set - reconstruction of the gift Soviet chess released in plastics by the Minsk factory limited circulation. We did not change form of figures, have only made them of box - the unique iron tree growing in the North Caucasus and have balanced weighting in the basis, have thought up the design of chessboard, have inside enclosed soft lodgment from velvet with cells for each figure, and have placed all this in gift corporate box from natural linen. The quiet covering silky matt lacquer does not distract from game and gives to set the finished aristocratical look.

Chess game is similar to theater which deification is the ballet. Sense and Sensibility, logic and expression, static character and whirlwind of movements. The tragedy or intensity of emotions which are given rise by dance get ready response in tension and the drama of chess game.

Esthetics in which Chess "Ballet" are executed is attractive and unusual not only because that these figures from the Soviet era. Their design is perfected and geometrically verified. Figures from box have smoothness of bone and at the same time keep heat of tree. So, thanks to excellent job of the master, game music is born. The visible embodiment of action as good scenery, the chessboard from array of tinted ash-tree completes.

Light and graceful movements whether figures, whether dancers slide on chessboard on which are played not пїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅ… Dramas. Playing chess "Ballet", you should not choose the dark or light parties, it will want to be on both at once.

Retro figures
Figures light - the Colchis box, matt lacquer
Figures dark - the Colchis box tinted, matt lacquer
All with weighting, the bases are glued zamshy.

Chess field - matt lacquer
Cage light - maple bird's eye
Cage dark - wenge
Body - array ash-tree toning
Board design with detachable upper cover, deep soft lodgment from velvet with cell for each figure

Box of handmade natural linen.

King - height is 10.5 cm diameter of support of 3.5 cm
Pawn - height is 5.5 cm diameter of support of 3.5 cm
Board - width is 44 cm height there are 6 cm cage of 4.5 cm

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