Chess "French Empire" Mammoth Tusk

Chess "French Empire" Mammoth Tusk

Unique set of chess of the 19th century where 12 figures - original of antiquarian set of chess, the others are recovered with extreme accuracy on samples.

Chessmen, material

Light - mammoth tusk, dark - mammoth tusk toning

Height/diameter of support of figures, mm.

King 80/30 Queen 78/30 Elephant 65/30 Horse 60/30 Boat 70/30 Pawn 54/27


Sizes of 470/470/90 mm, cage of 50 mm., legs are glued by fabric

Framework - array of wenge, cage dark - nut root, cage light - the Karelian birch

Figures and letters maple bird's eye, inside soft lodgment with cell for each figure

Finishing of the chess field - royalny varnish

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