Chess "Regence" Wenge

Chess "Regence" Wenge

Chess Regance-set the best gift to both charming and talented children, and men who have taken place in business, always ready to go forward, learning the mysteries of the universe and the new boundaries overcoming everything on the course of life.

Regance is the unique chess style which has received the name in honor of known Parisian Cafe de la Rejans, become, since 1740, the center of game in Chess in the capital of France. When this institution has opened, chess players who were going to Prokop cafe earlier have removed here. Here constantly Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Francois Filidor and Benjamin Franklin met, professional chess fights erupted, and duels of the famous chess players attracted all who were fond of this type of intellectual leisure. For many years in cafe there was marble table of which its owner terribly was proud, at this table in 1798 Chess was played by Napoleon Bonaparte. And the well-known game of Paul Morfi with Garvits became considerable milestone in chess history of institution.

Till 1910 there took place many chess actions, holidays, even remote chess tournament here. The chess history of cafe has ended when it replaced the owner who has converted it in restaurant. Here did not play Chess any more, and of glorious past remind only some remained elements of old situation. We have revived good traditions of the French in our product, using skill of handicraftsmen and exotic materials - the African wenge and the Colchis box, maple bird's eye and root of nut, distinguished turning work and skillful carving - all this is harmoniously combined in the komlekt of chess of Regance recreated by masters in the best traditions of the chess house of KADUN.

Set in our execution is made of the African wenge and the Colchis box, with use of root of nut and the Karelian birch. In finishing by unique royalny varnish - ideal gift for business of elite. The Statusnost is emphasized with Bonaparte Napoleon's emblem executed in the form of trophy on the chessboard body.

Figures of Regance
Figure light - the Colchis box, glossy varnish
Figures dark - the African wenge, glossy varnish
All with weighting, the bases are glued by suede.

Chess field - royalny varnish (polyether)
Cage light - the Karelian birch
Cage dark - nut root
Body - array of the African tree of wenge with carved inserts from box
Cover rises, in the lower part soft deep lodgment from velvet with cells for each figure, leg are glued by suede.

Is executed manually from tinted ash-tree and mahogany, matt lacquer, the cover opens and keeps in vertical position, soft lodgment inside.

King - height is 12 cm diameter of support of 3.5 cm
Pawn - height the 6th diameter of support of 2.5 cm
Board - width is 51 cm height there are 11 cm cage of 5 cm
Case - width is 60 cm thickness there are 14 cm

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