Chess "Selenius" Mammoth Tusk

Chess "Selenius" Mammoth Tusk

Beautiful chess set, the first design of chess made in workshop in May, 1989. Figures are executed in Selenius style that can be translated as "lunar". In 1616 in Leipzig work about certain Gustav's chess of Seleniusa "Chess, or royal price" has been published. The baking plate the pseudonym "Seleniusa" disappeared the younger son пїЅпїЅпїЅ¬ tsoga Braunschweig-Lyuneburgsky - Augustus Mladshy, the big fan of chess game. In this book the description and illustrations of these chessmen which up to the middle of the 19th century became the most widespread chess design in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Italy for the first time is given, the prince Augustus has made public relations, excellent to our measures, the course - as the original gift has extended copies of the work about chess among all highest aristocracy of the German principalities. Having arisen at the time of late Gothic and origin of baroque, figures have incorporated tendency inherent to Gothic style up and the dynamism, combination of reality and illusion, flowability of irregular curvilinear shapes characteristic of baroque.
We recommend for those who look for beautiful stylish Chess as a gift. Figures perfectly look on board, fix eye not only of the esthete, but also any person able to appreciate good things. Yes, the design of Selenius is quality of style, but, first of all are game Chess, Any player, from the beginner to the professional, will not confuse horse with the king or pawn with the boat. The effect of delivery and the joy of possession of such gift are guaranteed.

Chessmen in Selenius style

Light - mammoth tusk, dark - the African Eben (black iron tree).

Height of figure and diameter of support

King 10.5 / 3.5 cm. Pawn 4 / 2.5 cm


Sizes 44/44 / 7 of cm, cage of 4 cm, legs are glued by fabric,

Framework - array of the African wenge, cage dark - nut root, cage light - maple bird's eye, inside soft lodgment with cells for each figure, finishing of the chess field royalny varnish.

Handmade case.

Weight with case of 12 kg.

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