Chess "Staunton" Luxury (Amaranth / Boxwood), Limited Edition

Chess "Staunton" Luxury (Amaranth / Boxwood), Limited Edition

This chess set "Staunton Lyuks" is executed from the Colchis box and rare, only tree in the nature with violet color - amaranth. Absolute exclusivity of these materials, maximum razmar Staunton's standard and special esthetic attractiveness allow to claim with confidence that similar set of chess possesses own unirkalnost among all line of chess of Staunton.

Design figures Staunton
Figures light - the Colchis box, glossy varnish
Figures dark - amaranth, glossy varnish
All with weighting, the bases are glued zamshy.

Chess field - royalny varnish (polyether)
Cage light - maple bird's eye
Cage dark - amaranth
Letters - cherry root
Body - array of the South American amaranth - the only tree on our planet with natural violet color
Soft deep lodgment from velvet with cells for each figure, the cover opens and kept in vertical position by loops with the limiter, legs are glued zamshy.

Is executed manually from tinted ash-tree and mahogany, matt lacquer, the cover opens and keeps in vertical position, soft lodgment inside.

King - height is 11.5 cm diameter of support of 5 cm
Pawn - height is 5.5 cm diameter of support of 3 cm
Board - width is 51 cm height there are 11 cm cage of 5.5 cm
Case - width is 60 cm thickness of 14 cm
Set Weight with figures and case of 15 kg.

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