Sugar bowl "Copper amber"

Sugar bowl "Copper amber"

The classic Russian tea party, which has always been a favorite pastime of our forefathers, as it is accompanied by fragrant tea, bagels and sugar, a bit of sugar. Sweet tea invigorates and refreshes. Therefore, when the board appeared handsome samovar, teapot and he was accompanied by a sugar bowl, made in a traditional style.

for copper plating of samovars fine pair would be a sugar bowl "Copper amber".

The product has a large enough volume of 600 ml and made of porcelain quality on the known plant "Dulevsky porcelain" which is the official tableware in Kremlin.

Sugar is also durable and stable coating of copper composition, which is applied the method of chemical metallization. Preserve the palatability of sugar contributes to firmly attached lid with a convenient handle.

Porcelain "copper" sugar bowl will become an indispensable attribute to create a harmonious atmosphere, and completed laying the tea table in the spirit of old Russian traditions.

Size8.5 x 7 cm
Volume0.6 liter

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