Sugar bowl "Golden Amber"

Sugar bowl "Golden Amber"

The formation of the original tradition of drinking tea in Russian contributed to the national peculiarities of Russian mentality and harsh Russian climate. The main hero of the occasion, no doubt, was the samovar. Tea is the same must be attached milk, bagels, cakes and crushed sugar, which is supplied to the beautiful sugar bowl.

We offer supplement serving table sugar bowl "Golden Amber", which will be perfectly combined with the "gold" of tea accessories and polished brass samovar.

Sugar bowl with lid 600 ml made of porcelain factory in Likino-Dulyovo, which is almost 200 years, produces products of impeccable quality. The coating under the "gold" of titanium nitride deposited on the vacuum arc process equipment. Such a coating is not erased with time and significantly increases the strength of the porcelain.

Sugar charms round classical forms and eye-catching brilliant golden glow.

Size8.5 x 7 cm
Volume0.6 liter

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