Sugar bowl "Silver Amber"

Sugar bowl "Silver Amber"

Another indispensable attribute table setting for chaevnichaniya in Russian is a beautiful sugar bowl. After all, in Russia, it was decided to drink tea with a bit of sugar lump sugar.

Sugar Bowl "Silver Amber" captivates the traditional round shape and attracts a chic silver glitter. The product is in harmony with the nickel-plated samovar handsome and shiny silver tea accessories.

It is made of high quality porcelain sugar bowl on the famous Dulevo factory, which was founded almost two centuries ago, and in just 20 years has become a leading enterprise in Russia porcelain.

Today, thanks to the use of modern equipment and innovative ways electric coating Sugarbowl saturated pleasing to the eye, a titanium silver coated and has a high performance. Besides Sugarbowl porcelain has an optimum volume and tightly closed with a lid that helps to the conservation of fine sweet product.

Size12 x 8 cm
Volume0.6 liter

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