Tea pair "Silver duet"

Tea pair "Silver duet"

Among the items associated with the cult of Russian tea plays a special role cup and saucer. Since water with samovar was very hot and scalding, the tea enjoyed by pouring it directly from a cup in a saucer. However, tea drinking from a saucer allowed only in the company of very close friends and relatives.

Tea pair "Silver blowing" made famous ancient works Likino-Dulyovo in the traditional Russian style.

The set consists of a cup of small volume to 220 ml, which has a small base and a large mirror surface, and a deep saucer. On porcelain by using modern methods of coating applied electric thin titanium layer. As a result, tea accessories pleasing bright silvery sheen and perfectly combined in serving with nickel-plated samovar.

Size25 x 20 cm
Volume0.22 liter

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