Teapot "Copper ruby"

Teapot "Copper ruby"

In Russia, the tea ceremony utensils has always played a special role, and in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the material quality, shape teapot depends on the flavor and taste of tea. Especially prized Tea kettles made of porcelain, since this material retains heat well, which helps slow, prolonged drinking tea in Russian.

Here is the perfect match to the copper plating handsome samovar teapot "Copper ruby". Brilliant sunny teapot harmoniously combined maximum ease of use and excellent aesthetic qualities.

The vacuum metallization copper composition produced on the famous Dulevo plant in special plants using ecological varnish. Due to the high adhesion undercoating lacquer coating is uniform and persistent, with a protective varnish resistant to abrasion, chemical and thermal effects making it reliable and durable coating.

The optimal amount of 600 ml allows to brew tea for everyone, thus promotes a high quality china complete disclosure of aromatic and flavor-welding.

Volume0.6 liter

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