Teapot "Golden Ruby"

Teapot "Golden Ruby"

For the complete harmony Russian tea, in addition to the samovar is necessary not less important attribute - the teapot, which must correspond to the status of tradition and harmony with the crown of the main subject of the feast.

That's why we offer a porcelain teapot "Golden Ruby", which fits perfectly to the polished samovars gold color.

porcelain products made at the factory in Likino-Dulyovo, production of which has nearly 2 centuries of history and exceeds European counterparts in quality. Gold plating is performed at the European vacuum arc process equipment that allows to obtain a strong adhesion of the coating to the base, and uniform application of a thin layer. The coating material is applied titanium nitride, which in turn significantly increases the strength of the product and its teplosohranyayuschie indicators.

The perfected form in the traditional Russian style ensures high performance. The length and angle of the nose, as well as close fitting lid will prevent spilling a drop of tea leaves after pouring into a cup. Maker does not take too much trouble and care.

Volume0.6 liter

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