Teapot "Silver ruby"

Teapot "Silver ruby"

Teapot in the ceremony of Russian tea drinking no less important person than his main attribute is the father-samovar. In Russia since ancient times made to pour the boiling water into the teapot directly at the table, and after all the households in anticipation of fragrant tea, give birth to a leisurely conversation.

Teapot "Silver Ruby", a perfect addition to the nickel-plated samovar handsome. Silver, shiny teapot can be installed on top of the samovar, creating original, rich composition.

Teapot made the famous Dulevo porcelain factory in the traditional Russian style. Coating silver produced in the European vacuum equipment electric arc method. This technology is an advanced achievement and allows to obtain a strong adhesion of the coating to the base, and uniform application of a thin layer. As the coating material used titanium, which in turn significantly increases the strength of the product.

In a teapot made of porcelain tea leaves cools slowly, which promotes the "right" of brewing tea and disclosure of full aroma and flavor. Teapot optimum volume and ergonomic form - an indispensable accessory tea gatherings, and a perfect example of the combination of comfort and aesthetics Russian.

Size8.5 x 7 cm
Volume0.6 liter

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