Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 7 liters "Traditional" in the set "Gift"

Samovar on coal, charcoal, firewood 7 liters "Traditional" in the set "Gift"

With the approach of the holiday with relatives and friends of the acute question of the choice of gift. Of course, I want to bring joy and surprise reminded of the giver. We offer a win-win gift, which is suitable for the owners of villas and private houses - gorgeous wood-burning samovar flame 7 l "traditional" in the set "Gift»


The central figure set - handsome samovar, dazzling eye-catching gold glitter. The shape of the unit "glass" is chosen not by chance. The trapezoidal configuration in combination with an internal coating (tin and silver) at boiling can achieve the most favorable properties of the water, contributing surprising infused tea.


Samovar complements tube required to maintain traction. Beautiful gold tray of stainless steel with porcelain tea accessories such as gold color of the composition, pleasing eye connoisseurs. Hero for the day waiting for a fascinating process of kindling, fanning the coals and fragrant smoke of natural fuel. With every sip of tea come pleasure, warmth and the pleasant feelings always remind about you.


However, you get the samovar tray

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Boiling time15 - 20 minutes
Size53 x 36 cm
Tube diameter65 mm
Volume7 liter

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