Samovar electric 3 liters "Tula" (auto power off button)

Samovar electric 3 liters "Tula" (auto power off button)

Today, a healthy lifestyle is not so wafting fashion trends, no matter how necessary. After all, sustainability is poor in urban areas. How can protect yourself from the negative impact of external factors? If poring over the ancient customs of our ancestors, we can note that occupies a special place chaevnichanie, which usually took place several times a day.


What is the secret of good health and strong spirit of the Russian people? Of course, in tea, brewed by the samovar.


First of all, tea enhances the activity of the body's functions, but also improves efficiency, increases vitality. Secondly, leisurely chaynichane for pleasant conversation a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Hot drink promotes intensive oxygen to the brain cells, which improves memory and attention. But the main secret is in the way of brewing tea.


Electric samovar 3L "Tula" in modern conditions will cook for you a useful tea. In moments when the unit begins to "make noise" water without losing the best quality, able to convey their tea leaves. Therefore, the tea from a beautiful, reliable and quality elektrosamovara "Tula" with a special decorative coating will promote good health, good mood, and long retain a flawless appearance, pleasing the eye golden glow.

Each samovar is reliably protected in the plastic box, which does not damage during delivery

Auto power offYes
Boiling time8 - 10 minutes
Size36 x 28 cm
Volume3 liter
Wattage1 kW

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